How to write a bat file to start a service

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Create Batch File to Start or End Window Services

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I need to write a batch file to stop and start MySql on a remote server. I will run the bat file from Arcserve to stop the MySql service. This can't be too tough can it?

Yes, you can change the service to exe too, I just offer a method to control the service in extension program, and some times it's useful, for example: the service running at background, but some times, I need other application to run the special process in the service, so I can do it by this sample.

Hello SAS community, On Windows server, does anyone used a batch or PowerShell to start a SAS Flow under Schedule Manager?

I was trying to Is it is possible to write file that I can call with another external process to start the SAS Flow?

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Write access to member is denied. NOTE: The SAS. To start a new program (not a batch script), you don't have to use CALL or START, simply enter the path/file to be executed, either on the command line or within a batch script.

On the command line, does not wait for the application to terminate and control immediately returns to. Getting Started with Windows Batch Scripting. Some seriously outdated Windows versions, though I recommend sticking with the more to avoid some rare side effects files.

With file extension, you can use just about filename you like. I recommend avoiding spaces in filenames, as spaces only create. When you want to start up the program, all you need to do is double click on the batch file and it will run. To create a batch file for stopping services, just follow the same steps above (for creating a batch file), and use the net stop command to stop the services.

How to write a bat file to start a service
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Run .bat file from C# or