How to write action class in struts2

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Sub Projects

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Welcome to the last part of 7 article series of Struts 2 Framework tutorials. In previous article we saw how to implement File Upload functionality in Struts 2. In this article we will see how we can implement Ajax support in a webapplication using Struts2 framework.

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Struts 2 - Actions

Just write down following codes in execute method to insert the data of form in tables. Actually data goes to 2 tables one is Usertable and another is addresstable. you can create the table by seeing the insert query parameters and user this code to insert the data.

Struts 2 example. A full Struts 2 example to create drop down box via, and populate the select options via Java list and OGNL list, stored the selected values and display it in another page. 1.

Struts 2 & Jasper Report integration example project in eclipse to generate reports

Action. Action class to generate and hold the selected drop down box options. Simple Action Class: We can use any normal java class as Struts 2 action class, the only requirement is that it should have execute() method returning String.

In the simplest form, we can have action class as. In this tutorial we will create a webapp using Struts2 framework. Step by step we will create Action class, ResouceBundle file, JSP to display results and also we will add basic validation to our application. I'm creating an struts2 application which has a login page and another user details page.

There, i need to create only one action class.

Write A Struts 2 Action Class In 5 Minutes Using Annotations

Because of that I'm unable to run the application by adding the field validations in both two pages to the

How to write action class in struts2
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